Heroin & Opioids

Substance use is related to many of the leading causes of death in Snohomish County, particularly when it comes to heroin and opioids. 

To really make an impact, it will take all of us working together to ensure that prevention, response, and treatment and recovery approaches are implemented. That also includes residents and businesses learning more about the issues, which is why we created this page. If you have suggestions on what information you'd like to know, please send us an email.

Opioids & Heroin Local Resource Information Card

Due to increased attention on Snohomish County’s heroin and opioid issues, a local resource information card has been developed. View the card for resource names, websites and phone numbers.

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Overdose Rescue Kits

Naloxone (Narcan) is a medication that prevents opioid drug overdose. Narcan kits are now available, without a prescription, at 8 pharmacies in Snohomish County. The pharmacist will provide education about how and when to use Narcan. Call ahead for pricing and insurance information. View a list of locations where you can purchase this medication.