Properly built and maintained septic systems have many benefits. They allow for development in outlying communities, help protect groundwater and waterways, and reduce exposure to untreated sewage. 

The Snohomish County Health Department works to ensure that septic systems are located and installed correctly, and kept in good working condition. For more information, click the buttons below.

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What is a Septic System?

A septic system, also known as an on-site sewage system (OSS), stores, treats, and disposes of the things you flush and send down drains. There are many different types of systems. Some are simple, using only a tank and a drain field, and others are more complex, requiring pumps, filters, blowers, UV lights, or specially designed materials. The term on-site sewage system is used in the state and county code, on permit application forms, and by industry professionals to refer to different types of septic systems.

To learn more, check out these 3D septic system models. To find out what type of system you have, take a look at your property’s as built records


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