Savvy Septic Program


The Savvy Septic Program is your one-stop-shop for financing options, incentives, and education to help you maintain a healthy septic system. The Savvy Septic Program offers:

  • Rebates for septic system inspection, pumping, riser installation, and select minor repairs
  • Grants for qualifying low-income homeowners for system replacement and major repairs
  • A free, online Septic Care Workshop to help homeowners learn about their septic system and how to take care of it.

View a printable handout of Savvy Septic Information.

Septic Care Workshops
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Snohomish County is home to spectacular marine shorelines, lakes, rivers, and streams that provide recreation, wildlife habitat, food, and natural beauty unique to the Pacific Northwest. Maintaining healthy septic systems is critical for clean water and to protect the health of our aquatic ecosystems, the health and safety of county residents, and the value of your home.

Approximately 75% of Snohomish County's septic systems are 25 years old or older, and many are near bodies of water. By maintaining a clean and healthy septic system, you are helping keep pollution out of the environment and investing in clean water for your family and your community.

View of puget sound shoreline, ocean, and mountains


In just a few short years, the Savvy Septic Program has delivered significant benefit to County homeowners and the environment. Visit this link to see the one-page infographic summary of program impacts. Click here to view a map of all Savvy Septic incentives from program inception through the second quarter of 2020. 

This project has been funded wholly or in part by the United States Environmental Protection Agency under assistance agreement PC-01J89801 to the Washington State Department of Health and under an assistance agreement to the Washington State Department of Ecology. The contents of this document do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of the Environmental Protection Agency, nor does mention of trade names or commercial products constitute endorsement or recommendation for use.| This project is being supported, in whole or in part, by federal award number SLFRP0194 awarded to Snohomish County by the U.S. Department of Treasury.