Info for Contractors

Snohomish County works in partnership with local industry contractors to make homeowners aware of the financial and educational resources that the Savvy Septic Program has to offer.

Resources to offer homeowners

Savvy Septic Grants & Craft3 Loans: Does one of your customers need help financing a major repair or replacement? You can send them information about our Savvy Septic Grants for low-income households or to Craft3 Clean Water Loans.

Rebates: If your customers have an inspection, pumping, minor repair, or riser installation done, let them know about our Savvy Septic rebates. While online rebate applications are highly encouraged, we do have printable rebate forms available for those without internet access or difficulty using computers.

Septic Care Workshop: Did you recently design or install a new system for someone? Let them know about our workshop where they can learn how to take care of their new investment and become eligible for rebates.

Feel free to direct customers to our main webpage or provide them with our informational handout.

Resources for OSS contractors 

If you are an installer or designer interested in working on Savvy Septic grant projects, please contact to check if you are on our email notification list. Emails will be sent out when new projects are available so that contractors can submit bids. The websites below are useful for contractors working on Savvy Septic grant projects.

memos to Contractors about Savvy Septic

  • September 14, 2023: Savvy Septic Grant Projects - Requirements for Participating Installers
  • June 30, 2023: Savvy Septic Program Changes (and Installer & Pumper Exam Changes)

More Information

For more information on participating in the Savvy Septic Program or connecting your customers to resources, email 

***Coming Soon: We are creating a workshop for OSS contractors about the program where we'll share information about Savvy Septic, the role contractors have in relation to the program, and how you can participate. Stay tuned for more on this!***