Construction & Plan Review Process

To successfully complete the permit process for a new public water recreation facility in Snohomish County, you must submit each of the items on the following checklist to the Snohomish County Health Department.

Required pool permit drawings

  • Site plan: Show the pool in relation to the surrounding area and structures and indicate the number of stories in any living units associated with the pool facility as well as whether elevators are present
  • Detailed building plan for the pool areas: Indicate all entrances into pool areas, which entrances are also emergency exits, and the height of all structures facing pools and their set-back from the pool edge, including balconies, external stairways, and other structures
  • Cross-sectional views of the pool, show details of:
    • Locations of depth markings
    • Main drains
    • Pool floor slope
    • Pool’s radius of curvature at shallow, breakpoint, and deep ends
    • Sidewall details
  • Detailed information on the pool deck, include:
    • Dimensions
    • Locations for drains and depth markings
    • Materials
    • Slopes
    • Type of non-slip finish
  • Detailed view of the equipment room: Show equipment layout, floor drains and slope, and details for proposed chemical storage
  • Showers and restrooms (if required): Provide a view of the rooms showing all fixtures, materials, and locations of floor drains
  • Details of all protective barriers, provide construction:
    • Dimensions
    • Hardware, including gates and access doors
    • Materials
    • Details
  • Complete pool piping schematic, indicate piping:
    • Inlet details
    • Main drain details
    • Materials
    • Sizes
    • Skimmers
    • All other appurtenances to the piping system
  • Proposed lighting intensities: Indicate for pool (30 foot-candles minimum), locker rooms (20 foot-candles minimum), and equipment room (20 foot-candles minimum)
  • Ventilation system for indoor pools: Show that it meets ASHRAE pool facility standards and includes maintaining negative pressure in the pool and deck area
  • Details or cut sheets: Include for all pumps, filters, disinfectant feeders, skimmers, inlets, and drains, indicating manufacturer and model number for all equipment with the completed enclosed Plan Review Checklist (PDF)

Note: Construction permits will not be issued if your submittal is incomplete.

Additional resources

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