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1. Are people born before 1957 still considered immune to measles?
2. Is one dose of MMR enough for students and staff to continue going to/working at school during the exclusion period after a measles exposure?
3. If someone has received only one MMR vaccine, but they have serology/bloodwork showing immunity, do they still need the second dose?
4. Would a recent immunization throw off a titer (bloodwork to show immunity)?
5. If I work at a site where there was a measles exposure, why can't I just go and get both doses of the MMR and return to work?
6. If a school staff member who is not fully immunized visited or substituted at a school during a measles exposure, are they excluded from all school buildings for the exclusion period?
7. I was fully vaccinated between 1963 and 1968, but my blood test does not show immunity to measles. Do I need two doses?