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1. Can I take the class and test online?
2. Do I have to register ahead of time to take the class?
3. When are the classes offered at Snohomish Health District?
4. Can I schedule a special class for a group or event that needs food worker cards?
5. How much is the food worker card?
6. How long is the food work class?
7. Is there an age requirement for the class?
8. Do I have to retake the class and test to renew my food worker card?
9. How can I get a replacement card if I lost mine?
10. Can I read the test to a child or student with special needs?
11. I am hearing impaired. What are my options for getting a food worker card?
12. Am I required to have a food worker card?
13. What options do I have if I speak a foreign language?
14. How long is my food worker card valid?
15. How do I renew my food worker card?
16. When are you too sick to work with food?