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Request for Health Education Presentation

  1. Presentation topic (select all that apply)
  2. You selected "Vaping (nicotine & cannabis)"

    For a presentation specifically on vaping (nicotine & cannabis), please complete the Youth Substance Use Prevention Training Request Form. 

  3. You selected "Opioids & overdose prevention"

    For a training specifically on opioids, overdose prevention, and Narcan, please complete the Snohomish Overdose Prevention request form here. 

  4. Grade level of students (select all that apply)
  5. Training format
  6. Will interpreters be present?
  7. If requesting an in-person training, do you have the technology to connect a computer via HDMI to a TV screen or projector for visuals and audio?
  8. Include street address and, if applicable, suite or room number 

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