How soon can we get back to pre-pandemic activities?

The COVID vaccine is a big step on the path out of this pandemic, but it is not an instant solution. If all goes smoothly, it will likely take 9-12 months to fully vaccinate most of the population. We are now a couple of months into that, with more to go. That’s another 9-12 months of fighting COVID with the same measures we’re relying on now. Wear a mask. Avoid gatherings. Stay home if you’re sick. Keep your distance and wash your hands. We can’t let our guard down until public health and medical professionals agree it is safe to do so.

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1. How effective is the COVID-19 vaccine?
2. Is the vaccine safe?
3. What are the side effects from the vaccine?
4. What adverse reactions were reported for the vaccine?
5. Will the vaccine give me COVID?
6. How many doses do I need?
7. Who will get the vaccine first?
8. How were the phases decided? Can I get vaccinated sooner?
9. How do I know if a message or email offering vaccination options is legitimate?
10. When will I get vaccinated?
11. Who should get the vaccine?
12. If I had COVID, should I still get vaccinated?
13. Do I get to choose which vaccine I get?
14. Once I get the vaccine, can I stop wearing a mask?
15. How soon can we get back to pre-pandemic activities?
16. How does the vaccine work?
17. Does the vaccine change my DNA or implant a chip?
18. What is in the vaccine?