Dear Food Establishment Operator,

We know you are anxious for information regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, and its effect on restaurant closures in Snohomish County. Information regarding COVID-19 changes rapidly as the virus becomes more understood, and many policy decisions are made at the state level. The Snohomish Health District strives to communicate often so that you have the information you need to run your business. A message from the State Department of Health with information regarding preparation for reopening or resuming onsite dining is now available at the following link:

We will continue to provide you with information as it becomes available to us, and as new orders are released from our Health Officer. Thank you for your patience during this time, and for helping us to keep the citizens of Snohomish County safe.

- Snohomish Health District Food Safety Team

Snohomish Health District
3020 Rucker Ave., Everett, Washington