Healthcare Provider Lead Toolkit

Clinic Lead Prevention Workflow
Screening Questions
Blood Lead Testing
Reporting Blood Lead Levels
Sources of Lead
How Lead Poisoning Occurs
How to Prevent Exposure to Lead
Materials to Share with Families

When should your clinic use this toolkit?

The Snohomish County Health Department encourages clinics to use this toolkit when you are considering testing a child for lead.

What staff guidance does this toolkit provide?

This toolkit can be used to guide staff on:

  • childhood lead poisoning,
  • risk factors,
  • prevention measures, and
  • testing.

We hope this toolkit inspires staff to take the necessary actions to ensure that the community’s children are getting screened, tested, and connected to appropriate resources to reduce lead in blood.

How should providers implement this toolkit?

For support and assistance with implementing this toolkit, please contact our Lead Prevention team.

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