A caterer is a person or company providing food at a social event or other gathering. They might work out of an approved commissary kitchen or their own permitted food service establishment kitchen. A caterer must be licensed with a catering permit to serve food in Snohomish County. A caterer licensed with a permit from another county can also serve in Snohomish County.


Licensed caterers in Snohomish County must:

  • Have a catering permit that is separate from their restaurant permit.
  • Prepare food in a kitchen that is approved and regularly inspected by the Snohomish County Health Department or the county that they are permitted by.
  • Be trained to handle food safely and have their Food Workers Card.
  • Have the proper equipment to transport and serve food safely.

List of Currently Permitted Caterers


When starting a NEW catering business, you must go through our plan review process before you can obtain the operating permit. There are 2 types of catering businesses. The first is a caterer who works out of a commissary kitchen and is just catering, not also running a food service establishment. For a new catering business not associated with their own permitted food service establishment, use General Food Plan Review Application Packet (PDF)

The second type of catering business is when a permitted food service establishment also offers catering services. They need to pay for a catering endorsement, as well as their annual permit. For a new catering endorsement, use Remodel Revision Plan Review Application Packet (PDF).

We accept applications in person, by mail or online.


Snohomish County Health Department
Attn: Food Section Plan Review
3020 Rucker Avenue
Suite 104
Everett, WA 98201-3900


Catering permit fees depend on the type of food that will be prepared and served.

Low risk annual permit$420.00
Medium risk annual permit$630.00
High risk annual permit$870.00
Catering endorsement fee$215.00