Looking for information about how to get vaccinated in Snohomish County? Find more info on the "How to Get Your Shot" page.


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COVID Vaccines and "Shedding"--English

Vaccines and Shedding

COVID Vaccines and "Shedding"--Spanish

Spanish_Vaccines and Shedding

COVID Vaccines and Fertility--English

Vaccines and Fertility

COVID Vaccines and Fertility--Spanish

Spanish_Vaccines and Fertility

COVID Vaccine Doesn't Alter Your DNA--English

Vaccine Doesnt Alter DNA

COVID Vaccine Doesn't Alter Your DNA--Spanish

Spanish_Vaccine Doesnt Alter DNA

Had COVID? Still Get Vaccinated--English

Had COVID Get Vaxxed

Had COVID? Still Get Vaccinated--Spanish

Spanish_Had COVID Get Vaxxed

COVID Vaccine Doesn't Give You COVID--English

English No COVID

COVID Vaccine Doesn't Give You COVID--Spanish

Spanish No COVID

COVID Vaccine Doesn't Make You Magnet--English


COVID Vaccine Doesn't Make You Magnet--Spanish


VAERS is not a medical resource--English

English VAERS

VAERS is not a medical resource--Spanish

Spanish VAERS

Ivermectin Not Effective COVID Treatment--English

Social Media_Dont Take Ivermectin

COVID Vaccines Not Rushed--English

Vaccines Werent Rushed


  1. Download and print one of these posters (8.5"x11")
  2. Fill it out and color in
  3. Take a selfie holding your sign
  4. Share the photo on social media with the tag #vaxupsnoco

#VaxUpSnoCo 1


VaxUpSnoCo 1--Spanish

VaxUpSnoCo_Spanish 1

#VaxUpSnoCo 2


VaxUpSnoCo 2--Spanish

VaxUpSnoCo_Spanish 2

#VaxUpSnoCo 3


VaxUpSnoCo 3--Spanish

VaxUpSnoCo_Spanish 3

#VaxUpSnoCo 4


VaxUpSnoCo 4--Spanish

VaxUpSnoCo_Spanish 4


Kevin O'Brien

vaxup obrien image

Dr. George Diaz

diaz screengrab

Ivan Nunez

nunez screenshot

Nick Arnold

vax up nick arnold

Kim Sharpe

Kim Sharpe VaxUpSnoCo

Ron Rasmussen

vaxup rasmussen image

Sara Gering

vaxup sara

Governor Jay Inslee

vaxup inslee image

Pa Ousman Joof

vaxup pa ousman joof image

April Berg

april berg vaxup photo

Barb Tolbert

vaxup tolbert screengrab

John Lovick

vaxup lovick screen grab

Dara Salmon

dara vaxup screengrab

Cassie Franklin

vaxupmayorfranklin image

Simone Tarver

simone tarver 1

Rob Knowles

vax up image rob knowles

Boris Fayerberg

boris vaxup image

Brendan Lee

brendan lee vaxup image

Karina Gasperin

karina gasperin image

Suzan DelBene

delbene vaxup video image

Dr. Adam Jonas

dr jonas vaxup image

Dave Somers

somers vaxup video screengrab

Ian Saltzman

Ian Saltzman

Dr. Marlon R. Balauag

VaxUpSnoCo Dr Balauag PNG

Jenna, Arlington Youth Council

vaxupsnoco jenna PNG

Dr. Sibani Das

vaxupsnoco Dr Das PNG

Gina Corpening

Gina Corpening PNG

Brian Cherniak

vaxupsnoco Brian Cherniak PNG

Dr. Joanna Stephens

Dr Joanna Stephens

Dr. Hillary Starr

Vaxupsnoco hillary

Andrianna Panebianco

andrianna vaxupsnoco