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access to baby & child dentistry program

The Access to Baby & Child Dentistry (ABCD) program is a system of care in Washington State that connects children under the age of six insured by Medicaid (Apple Health) to trained ABCD dentists. ABCD began in the mid-1990s in Spokane, and has since been implemented in every county in Washington State. Since then, the percent of eligible low-income children who have accessed a dentist in Washington has increased from 20 percent to more than half. A key part of that improvement has been the participation of dentists like you.

ABCD certified dentists receive enhanced fees through Medicaid for most preventative and restorative procedures. ABCD certification requires just a few hours of free, CDE eligible training that is delivered by a volunteer dentist in your area. The training focuses on pediatric oral health. A concurrent training on ABCD billing procedures is provided to billing staff new to Medicaid. ABCD Training is now available remotely.

To learn more about becoming an ABCD Certified dentist, contact the ABCD Coordinator at

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connecting your patient with a dentist

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ORAL health education

Oral health is an important part of overall health. Dental decay is the most common, and preventable, disease of childhood. As a primary care provider, you are well positioned to integrate preventative messaging and referrals into your care.  

Arcora offers primary care providers a free, in-office (now remote) training course, Preventing Dental Disease in Pediatric Primary Care. Primary care providers who complete this course are eligible to bill Medicaid for preventative dental services completed during well-child visits. To learn more about this training, contact Madlen Caplow at or (206) 473-9542.

You can also access training resources and educational materials for patients on the Arcora website

oral health data

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