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November 2021

Fall Centerpieces--Black & White

Fall Centerpieces graphics for web

Fall Centerpieces--Color

Fall Centerpieces graphics for web2

Week of Oct. 31-Nov. 6

oct 31-Nov 6

"Gratitude" (Blank)


ABC Thanksgiving Word Search

Thanksgiving word search

Week of November 7-13

Nov 7-Nov 13

"Grateful" (Blank)


Week of November 14-20

Nov 14-Nov 20

"Thankful" (Blank)


Week of November 21-27

Nov 21-Nov 27

"Giving Thanks" (Blank)

Giving Thanks

Week of Nov. 28-Dec. 4

Nov 28-Dec 4

"Moving Forward" (blank)

Moving Forward


Pumpkin Carving Ideas

Pumpkin Carving Ideas Graphic

2021 Healthy Halloween Countdown

2021 Healthy Halloween Countdown

Halloween Bingo

Halloween Bingo_English

Halloween Bingo (Spanish)

Halloween Bingo_Spanish

Halloween Word Search

Halloween Word Search_English

Halloween Word Search (Spanish)

Halloween Word Search_Spanish

Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

scavenger hunt thumbnail

Spooky Halloween Treats and Recipes

Spooky Treats Recipes_3up


Ready to Learn--Color

Ready to Learn_Color

Ready to Learn--B & W

Ready to Learn_BW


Bookmarks Sept 2021_Color

Bookmarks--B & W

Bookmarks Sept 2021_BW


What's In Your Backpack?

Whats In Your Backpack

Backpack Matching Activity

Backpack Matching Activity

What's In Your Lunchbox?

Whats In Your Lunchbox

Lunchbox Matching Activity

Lunchbox Matching Activity

Backpack Emergency Card

Backpack Emergency Card

Wash Hands, Wash Produce

Wash Hands Wash Produce

Farmers Market Scavenger Hunt

FM Scavenger Hunt

Farmers Market Farm to Table

Farm to Table

Grow Your Own Garden

Grow your own Garden

One Pot Farmers Market Pasta

Farmers Market Recipe

JUNE 2021

Summer Suncatchers

Suncatchers Thumbnail

Healthy Rainbow Flyer

Healthy Rainbow Flyer

SnoCo Summer Activity Pages

Summer Activity Guide_Thumbnail for Web

MAY 2021

Happy Camping--General

Happy Camping General

Happy Camping--What to Wear

Happy Camping What to Wear

Happy Camping--Birds and Plants

Happy Camping Birds Plants

Picnic Fill-in-the-Blanks

Picnic Fill In Blanks

Picnic Match Game

Picnic Match Game

Picnic Checklist

Picnic Checklist

APRIL 2021


March 2021

Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning Thumbnail

Good Health is in Your Hands Flyer

Good Health In Your Hands Flyer

February 2021

Battling the Winter Blues

Thumbnail for Website

The Three W's


What Can I Do? Flyer

What I Can Do Color Thumbnail

Keep Healthy--Raccoon

Raccoon Flyer

COVID Merit Badges, Page 1

Merit Badges Pg1

COVID Merit Badges, Page 2

Merit Badges Pg2

COVID Conquerors Board Game

COVID Conquerors Board Game

Acts of Kindness Challenge

Kindness Activities Thumbnail

COVID Valentines

COVID Valentines


Time Together During COVID: Week 1


Time Together During COVID: Week 2


Time Together During COVID: Week 3


Time Together During COVID: Week 4


December 2020

Activity Selector

Activity Selector

Pocket Card--Black and White

Pocket Card_BW

Pocket Card--Color

Pocket Card_Color

Winter Holiday Bingo

holiday bingo image

Winter Holiday Bingo (Spanish)

Holiday Bingo_Spanish

Countdown to New Year

countdown to new year thumbnail

Foldable card

smiles card image

Card (no-fold)

smiles card fullpage image

Holiday Memory Game

holiday memory game

Holiday Memory Game (Spanish)

Holiday Memory Game Spanish

Winter Holiday Word Search

Holiday word search image

Winter Holiday Word Search (Spanish)

Winter Holiday Word Search_Spanish

The Amazing Kid Behind the Mask

Amazing Kid Behind the Mask

Paper Airplane (with instructions)

paper airplane image

November 2020

Click thumbnail to open full-size gratitude journal pages.

Week of November 1-7

week 1 gratitude snapshot

Week of November 15-21

week 3 gratitude snapshot

Week of November 29-December 5

week 5 gratitude snapshot

Week of November 8-14

week 2 gratitude snapshot

Week of November 22-28

week 4 gratitude snapshot

October 2020

Healthy Halloween Countdown

Healthy Halloween Countdown

Coloring pages and puzzles

Healthy Rainbow

Coloring_Healthy Rainbow

Healthy Rainbow Puzzle (Medium Level)

Healthy Rainbow Puzzle

Safe Fun in Summer Sun--Filled Letters

Safe Fun Summer Sun Filled Letters

Safe Fun in Summer Sun--Outlined Letters

Safe Fun Summer Sun Outlined letters

Safe Fun in Summer Sun Puzzle (Easy Level)

Safe Fun in Summer Sun Puzzle

Go on a Picnic

Picnic Coloring Page

Take It Outside

Take it Outside Earth Day coloring pg

Take It Outside Puzzle (Medium Level)

Take It Outside Earth Day Puzzle

Good Health is in Your Hands

Good Health In Your Hands Coloring Pg

Mask Up WA

MaskUpWA coloring pg

Mask Up WA Puzzle (Easy Level)


Spring Has Sprung

Spring Has Sprung Thumbnail

Spring Has Sprung Puzzle (Medium Level)

Spring Has Sprung Puzzle

The Three W's


The Three W's Puzzle (Medium Level)

Three Ws Puzzle

What Can I Do?

What Can I Do Coloring Page Thumbnail

What Can I Do? Puzzle 1 (Easy Level)


What Can I Do? Puzzle 2 (Easy Level)


Kindness Matters

Kindness Matters Coloring Page Thumbnail

Kindness Matters Puzzle (Medium Level)

Kindness Matters_Puzzle

Keep Healthy--Smooth Fur

Smooth Raccoon Fur

Keep Healthy--Fuzzy Fur

Fuzzy Raccoon Fur

Happy Healthy Valentine's Day

Valentines Coloring Thumbnail

Happy Healthy Valentine's Day Puzzle (Medium Level)

Valentines Puzzle

Happy Healthy New Year

Happy Healthy New Year

Happy Healthy New Year Puzzle (Medium Level)

Healthy New Year 2021 colorized

Spread Jelly, Not Germs


Jelly Not Germs Puzzle (Medium level)

Jelly Not Germs Puzzle Thumbnail

Spread Joy, Not Germs

Spread Joy Not Germs

Joy Not Germs Puzzle (Medium level)

Spread Joy Not Germs Puzzle Thumbnail

Spooky Space Astronaut


Astronaut Puzzle (Easy level)

Spooky Space Astronaut Puzzle Thumbnail

Stay Home When Sick


Stay Home When Sick Puzzle (Medium level)

Stay Home When Sick Puzzle Thumbnail

Get Your Flu Shot


Get Your Flu Shot Puzzle (Easy level)

Get Your Flu Shot Puzzle Thumbnail

Wash Your Hands


Wash Your Hands Puzzle (Easy level)

Wash Your Hands Puzzle Thumbnail

Gather with Gratitude Virtually

gatherwithgratitudecoloring page image

Cover Coughs and Sneezes


Not Forever, Only for Now

Not Forever Only for Now

Let's Squash COVID


Mask Maven


Ghostly Gap