Local Case Counts

We update most information on this page weekly, with some monthly updates such as city counts and heat maps. Depending on when you check, numbers may vary from those reported by the state Department of Health. Because new reports of positive tests come in and disease investigations are done throughout the week, the numbers vary based on when the data is run. Please check the "Data as of" or "Last Updated" note to confirm the most current number. 

CDC Community Level update (current numbers in blue)

Last updated: 9/19/22

Weekly community levels update

Hospital Data

  Last updated 8/8/22 Change from 8/5/22
COVID Positive
70 +1
COVID Ventilated 4 +2

Hospitalization data is updated daily on weekdays. Numbers represent COVID-positive patients currently hospitalized in Snohomish County.

COVID-19 Cases Reported in Snohomish County by Date (Updated Weekly)

case count by date

Snohomish County COVID-19 Case Rate per 100,000 for 7-day Rolling Period (updated weekly)

case counts rate

*Starting in April 2022, case-rate data are by week, not a rolling 2-week time frame. This is in alignment with Washington State Department of Health

Case Rates per 100,000 by ZIP (September 11- september 17, 2022)

case rate heat map

CITY cumulative case count, Updated monthly (Last Updated 9/15/22)

city count picture

City counts include both confirmed and probable cases. Not all cases are within city limits and totals may include nearby unincorporated Snohomish County. 

*For cities that cross county lines, counts are for portions in Snohomish County only.