Vaping Prevention for Schools

In Snohomish County, about 8% of 10th grade students and 16% of 12th grade students reported current use of e-cigarettes in 2021. (Washington State Healthy Youth Survey). While these percentages have decreased since 2018, the use of these products among teens in our county remains high. In order to help both middle and high schools combat this teen epidemic of vaping, the Snohomish County Health Department has created a toolkit of resources to be used at all levels.

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  1. School Policy
  2. Educate Staff
  3. Educate Parents
  4. School-Based Vaping Prevention Resources

Review and strengthen current school policy on substance use, including tobacco and vaping.

  • The Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) released a discipline policy update in July of 2019 regarding substance use and possession.   This policy update clarified OSPI’s move away from suspension and expulsion for substance related violations, except as a last resort, and encouraged schools to find other ways to help students meet behavior expectations. See the OSPI’s  Discipline Policy for Substance Use and Possession.
  • Some students may be smoking, vaping, or using other substances as a means to cope with other things going on in their lives, such as depression or suicide contemplation. See OSPI’s Red Flag For Supports brief to learn more.
  • Many schools and school districts are in the process of updating their discipline policies regarding tobacco related violations.  Please see the attached document for snapshot of what high schools and middle schools are doing in our county: Snohomish County School’s Vaping Policies (2019). 
  • All schools need to have clear signage indicating the prohibition of tobacco products.  If your school needs more signs, please contact us at
  • Request our What’s at Stake When You Vape poster for your school by emailing You may also download the poster, which is available in English, Spanish, Vietnamese, and Arabic
  • If your school or school district is interested in reviewing their substance use policies and learning more about effective alternatives to suspension for substance use, Cascadia Youth Mental Health is a great resource. School discipline policy and substance use prevention consulting is available at no cost for most Snohomish County schools and school districts. Contact us for more information.