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Increase in online services

The Snohomish Health District now offers more services online than ever before. This makes it easier and faster for businesses that regularly work with the District to submit permits, designs, payments and more.

The majority of our online visits in late 2018-early 2019 were related to food, such as permit renewals for restaurants.

We also now process more submissions for septic designs and permits through our Envision Connect Online (ECO) system than in-person.

There are online options for ordering birth or death certificates, as well. Birth Certificates is the most visited page on our website.

Reason for Online Visit

Chart showing reason for online visit

Faster response times

During 2018, the Snohomish Health District reduced the average response time for food plan review applications by 30 days.

Average Amount of Days for Decision

food plan review graph

Customer Satisfaction

Though use of online services is increasing, customer satisfaction remains high for in-person services at the Snohomish Health District. Nearly every client who visited and filled out a comment card between November 2018 and January 2019 rated our staff and the service they provided as "Very Good." 

Online, the majority of rankings were "Very Good," but there was more variation in how customers scored their experience.

Customer service comments on a card

Customer Satisfaction - In-Person & Online

Graphs showing online and in-person customer satisfaction ratings

New Online Learning Options

In February 2019, the Child Care Health Outreach Program began offering online classes. Previously, only one class could be offered each month. Online learning allows easier access to STARS-credit courses required for child care workers.

During 2018, the number of people taking our child care classes each month ranged from 80 to 226. Within the first month of launching the online system, 247 classes were completed.

Online Child Care Classes

Chart showing increase in online courses taken during first month of new system