School Nurses & Staff

The Snohomish Health District provides guidance to schools related to illness reporting, including information about school absenteeism and reporting outbreaks and clusters of illness within a classroom or school.

immunization rule change 2020

Please see the Materials Reference Guide for access to information and resources to keep your school communities up to date.

Disease reporting requirements

In general, schools only need to report outbreaks of illness - not individual sick children - to the Snohomish Health District. Defining what constitutes an outbreak can be difficult and will vary depending on the type of disease and protocols. Please refer to Washington State OSPI Infectious Disease Control Guide (PDF) for more information.

The Snohomish Health District also offers forms and resources for reporting outbreaks and illness:

Resources for school nurses

Snohomish Health District has a public health nurse who advises school nurses, child cares, and preschools on immunizations for students and staff.

Reporting flu and influenza-like illness

Influenza surveillance is conducted throughout Snohomish County and involves schools, healthcare providers, and long-term care facilities. View updates of flu activity in Washington State (PDF). Use the School Absenteeism Reporting Form (PDF).