Healthy Youth Survey Data

The Washington State Healthy Youth Survey is given every other year to students in 6th, 8th, 10th and 12th grade. It is optional and responses are anonymous. Questions cover topics such as exercise, diet, drug use, mental health, and safety.

Results provide insights into healthy and unhealthy behaviors or trends among young people. The information is used by school and health officials as well as parents and policymakers to focus resources and interventions.

2018 HEALTHY YOUTH SURVEY RESULTS for Snohomish County

The survey was most recently given to students in October 2018. Results were released in March 2019. More than 12,000 students around Snohomish County participated in the survey. Their responses show that there are good things happening, but also some concerning health behaviors and trends.


  • The percentage of youths who smoke traditional cigarettes is at an all-time low since the survey started in 2002.
  • Students in 12th grade are less likely to be using alcohol or binge drinking than in previous years. They're also less likely to have driven a vehicle after drinking.
  • Eighth and 10th graders in Snohomish County are more likely than their peers statewide to say they've heard or seen information at school about warning signs of suicide and how to get help.


  • Nearly half of 12th grade students say they’ve tried an e-cigarette or vape pen at some point, and about 30 percent say they currently vape. From 2016 to 2018, more than five times as many 10th grade students said they use vapor products containing nicotine.
  • A larger proportion of 12th graders say they've experienced severe depression or seriously considered suicide than in past years.
  • Students in 8th, 10th, and 12th grade are less likely to say that they have a person at their school who would help them if needed, compared to 2016 results.

More detailed information is available in our topical fact sheets. Click on a topic below to open the fact sheet. All fact sheets are PDF files.

For statewide results, visit the Healthy Youth Survey website.


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