Health Alerts

The Snohomish Health District Health Officer sends alerts via email to local health care providers. Alerts cover current local, regional or national health threats and important updates on medical care and protocols. Alerts are written as needed to cover urgent or emergent health issues.

  1. Clinician Alert: CDC Highlights Monkeypox Case Finding and Awareness of Non-Classical Presentations

    Monkeypox can mimic other rash illnesses with a similar appearance (e.g., varicella, herpes, syphilis) and can present—albeit more rarely—along with other rash illnesses. Many monkeypox cases have presented with non-classical features. Read on...
  2. Clinician Alert: Monkeypox Specimen Collection Revisited

  3. Syphilis Transmission Increasing: Updated Screening Guidelines & Prevention of Congenital Syphilis

    Syphilis transmission is increasing locally and, although men who have sex with men are still the most frequently affected risk group, the recent increase has expanded beyond that group and led to a resurgence in congenital syphilis. Read on...
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