Public Health Advisory Council


The Public Health Advisory Council (PHAC) is appointed by the Board of Health to consider public health issues and recommend policies and actions to improve the health of Snohomish County. Members are community leaders who volunteer their time. The council was created in 2,009 and expanded in 2,012.


The Public Health Advisory Council served as the steering committee for Snohomish Health District's Community Health Assessment (CHA), helping to select the three top priorities of reducing suicide, obesity and youth physical abuse. PHAC members and the wider community next helped develop the Community Health Improvement Plans (CHIP) for each priority.


Public Health Advisory Council members:

  • Include a youth representative serving a 1-year term
  • Meet bimonthly at the Snohomish Health District
  • Represent broad community interests
  • Serve three-year terms, except the youth representative who serves for one year