Board of Health

The Board of Health develops, approves, and revises countywide policy on public health issues such as opioids, immunizations, and climate change. The Board evaluates yearly budget recommendation, recommends new programs, and reviews Health Department activities. The Board meets monthly, and members will be assigned to subcommittees and various ad hoc task groups.

The Health Department is part of Snohomish County, and final budget and program decisions fall under the purview of the Executive Office and Snohomish County Council, with recommendations from the Board of Health.

The nine-member Board includes: 

  • two County Council members
  • one elected official from a large or medium city
  • one elected official from a small city or town
  • one tribal representative nominated by the American Indian Health Commission
  • one healthcare facility representative
  • one healthcare provider
  • two additional community members, at least one of whom uses health services in the county.

This page will be updated as Board membership and meeting schedules are finalized in January 2023.

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