Dental Health

Dental health matters

Good oral health is not just important for your teeth. Oral and dental health affect how you speak, eat, and socialize, as well as impacting your overall physical and mental health.

Unfortunately, dental care remains the top unmet healthcare need in Snohomish County. The Snohomish Health District works to improve oral health in the community by:


The Dental Access Coalition (DAC) of Snohomish County is a community partnership of oral-health providers, community members, and other stakeholders with the goal of promoting oral health throughout the lifespan. The mission of the DAC is to:

  • Improve access to comprehensive, coordinated dental care
  • Mobilize community resources, agencies, and institutions to action
  • Advocate for prevention and early intervention

The DAC convenes quarterly. Please email if you are interested in learning more about the DAC.

water fluoridation in snohomish county

Fluoride exists naturally in virtually all water supplies. Water is said to be "fluoridated" when a public water system adjusts the fluoride levels to prevent tooth decay.

Most drinking water in Snohomish County is fluoridated, thanks to the City of Everett’s fluoridation efforts dating back to 1992. Community water fluoridation remains the most cost-effective method of delivering fluoride to an entire population at once.

To learn more about water fluoridation in Washington, visit

Fluoride & Water (PDF): English | Spanish | Russian