Travel Vaccines

NOTICE: Snohomish Health District does not administer travel vaccinations or other immunizations. Please talk with your regular healthcare provider or schedule an appointment with a vaccine provider such as a pharmacy or clinic.

International travel and yellow fever

Passport and vaccination formIf you are planning to visit a country where yellow fever vaccine is recommended or required, contact an authorized yellow fever vaccine clinic.

If you have questions about the yellow fever vaccine or received yellow fever vaccine at the Snohomish Health District and need your record, contact:

Kelly Barrows, Vaccine Coordinator 

  1. Travel Consultations
  2. Traveling and Health Risks

A travel consultation will help to develop an individualized plan that protects you from the hazards associated with international travel. It may include vaccines, medications, documentation, and information to ensure your health and safety when you reach your travel destination. Bring the following information to your appointment:

  • Complete travel itinerary
  • Immunization records
  • List of your medications and allergies
  • Phone numbers for your primary care provider and pharmacy


Travel consultations and travel vaccinations are no longer available through the Snohomish Health District. If you are planning international travel, check with your primary care provider to see if travel consultations are available. If not, you can view local resources for travel services.