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Drinking Water & Wells

Water requirements for building permits

The Snohomish Health District’s drinking water program helps ensure that an adequate and safe, potable source of water is available to all proposed residences before construction. When you apply for a building permit from Snohomish County, requirements of  the Washington State Growth Management Act must be met before the building permit can be issued. 

To obtain a permit, you must have one of the following:

  • A letter from an approved water purveyor stating their ability and willingness to provide water to your property
  • A private well source that has been reviewed and approved by the Snohomish Health District

The Adequate Water Supply for Building Permit (PDF) document also summarizes these requirements.

Well site review and requirements

  • Apply for an Application for an Individual Water Supply Site Inspection and pay the application review fee
  • Verify that there is no source of contamination located, stored or disposed of within 100 feet of a well, including onsite sewage disposal facilities, manure piles, garbage, enclosures or structures for keeping or maintaining animals, or the storage of chemicals, herbicides, or insecticides
  • Submit a Request for Review: Individual Water Supply application signed by the property owner/applicant. Attach the following to the application:
    • A copy of the Water Well Report to verify that the well was constructed per WAC 173-160, including well yield test information per WAC 173-160-321 (400 gallons per day minimum)
    • Results of inorganic chemical analyses for the following elements: arsenic, barium, cadmium, chromium, lead, mercury, selenium, silver, sodium, fluoride, and nitrate (available through the Snohomish Health District or a private water testing lab).

Well site review fees

 Title Expiration  Fee Description
 Individual/GMA approval valid for 2 years $252 concurrent with onsite application
 Individual/GMA approval valid for 2 years $368  non-concurrent submittal
 Renewal approval valid for 2 years $132 within 30 days of expiration


Two-connection well requirements

Private wells and individual water supply serving 2 single-family homes will be reviewed and approved by Snohomish Health District. If you are purchasing water from an existing approved public water system, such as the City of Everett, portions of the following application and review process may not apply.

  • An Application for an Individual Water Supply Site Inspection and application review fee
  • A Request for Review: Individual Water Supply application DOCUMENT signed by the property owner/applicant
  • All necessary recorded Declaration of Water Use Agreements, Easements, and Restrictions, including the following minimum information:
    – Identification of the supply as an individual water supply
    – Description of system management and ownership
    – Identification of the property or properties served
    – Recognition of system restrictions as determined by the Snohomish Health District
  • Documentation from the public water system that claims the properties are within their water service area boundaries and that direct water service is not available

Note: If the structures do not sit on the same property, each home must meet approval by filing separate applications with the Snohomish Health District.

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Did you know?

Snohomish County maintains a database of ground water quality and well location data from more than 25,000 wells.