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Onsite Sewage System Management Plan Update 

In 2005, the State Department of Health adopted new onsite sewage system (OSS) rules, WAC 246-272A, which required the local health jurisdictions to write plans for the development and management of all OSS within their jurisdictions. Also, in 2006 the State Legislature added a new section to Title 70 RCW (RCW 70.118A) relating to the management of OSS in marine areas. In response to these requirements the Snohomish Health District adopted the initial 2007 Onsite Sewage System Management Plan.

Since the implementation of the 2007 Plan many of the elements have been completed and additional programs and enhancements are proposed. The proposed 2017 Plan describes the completion of projects and reflects the implementation and changes in Health District procedures and policies as well as new goals which will guide the Health District’s OSS Program for the coming years.

The Draft 2017 plan will be considered for adoption by the Snohomish Health District Board of Health this fall. To view the 2017 OSS Management Plan click here. Comments regarding the plan will be accepted by email or mail through September 30, 2017.

Please email comments to or by mail: Attn: Steve Rice, Snohomish Health District, 3020 Rucker Ave, Suite 104, Everett, WA 98201-3900.


Septic & Wastewater

Nearly 1 in 4 U.S. households depend on an individual on-site sewage system or a small community cluster system to treat their wastewater. If properly built and maintained, decentralized wastewater treatment systems have many benefits, including:

  • Reducing exposure to untreated sewage
  • Protecting groundwater, lakes, and the Puget Sound from contamination
  • Allowing for development in outlying communities and properties

Snohomish County septic system services

The Snohomish Health District works to ensure that septic systems are not only located and installed correctly but also kept in good working condition by providing the following services: 

How do I report a septic system problem?

The Snohomish Health District investigates complaints and problems with septic systems in the county. To report a problem, email the completed Complaint Investigation Request (PDF) to or mail it to the address below:

Environmental Health Division
Water &
Wastewater Program
3020 Rucker Avenue, Suite 104
Everett, WA 98201-3900

Your complaint will remain anonymous, and you will receive a reply regarding the situation after the initial investigation is completed. 

Snohomish County's Savvy Septic Program

Snohomish County's Savvy Septic Program is a one-stop-shop for financing options, incentives, and education to help you maintain a healthy septic system.

The Savvy Septic Program offers: 

  • Low-Interest loans for septic system repair and replacement
  • Rebates for septic system inspection and riser installation
  • Grants for qualifying low income homeowners for system maintenance and repairs
  • Free maintenance workshops to help residents better understand system care

Visit the Savvy Septic website to learn more about loans, grants, rebates, and workshops.

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Water & Wastewater

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Did you know?

The Snohomish County Assessor’s database has more than 250,000 properties, of which more than 80,000 utilize an on-site sewage disposal system.