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Data & Reports

The Snohomish Health District collects, analyzes and distributes data about health and disease trends and issues in Snohomish County. Public health data helps prioritize needs, identify health threats, plan programs and activities, and develop policies to improve health.

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Snohomish County Health Data & Reports

Community Health Assessments & Plans

Snohomish County Health Reporting Areas Profiles & Disparities

Children & Adolescents

2016 Healthy Youth Survey Fact Sheets (PDFs):

2014 Healthy Youth Survey Fact Sheets (PDFs):

Communicable Disease

Communicable Disease Reports (pdfs)

Communicable Disease Fact sheets (pdfs)

Maternal Child Health Fact Sheets (pdfs)

Mortality Fact Sheets (pdfs)

Substance Use

General Statistics

Cancer Fact Sheets (pdfs)

Specific Diseases or Conditions

Special Populations


Dental and Oral Health


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Did you know?

The Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) is the world's largest, on-going telephone health survey. The data is used nationally and locally, for things like our Community Report Card.