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Smoke-Free Housing

Preventing Exposure to Secondhand Smoke in Housing

In order to protect the residents of Snohomish County from secondhand smoke in their home, the Snohomish Health District has engaged in a smoke-free housing initiative. This initiative is focused on helping current and potential tenants find smoke-free housing as well as assisting managers an owners of apartment complexes developing smoking policies for their properties.

The Snohomish Health District assessed smoking policies at apartment complexes and placed them into 3 easily understandable categories. Responding apartments were classified and placed on a map in their corresponding city. 

There is a 4th group of apartment complexes that is not ranked as they allow smoking inside the apartment unit (although not in public common areas – this is against Washington State Law).

Apartment Complex Smoking Policy Ranking

Ranking Policy Chance of Exposure to Secondhand Smoke
Gold Non-smoking community. No smoking allowed anywhere on the property Low
Silver Smoking is allowed but the individual must be in a designated smoking area or at least 25 ft. away from doors and windows Medium
Bronze Smoking is allowed on patios and balconies as well as 25 ft. from doors and windows High
Not Ranked Smoking is allowed inside the apartment home (but not in common spaces such as the laundry room), patios/balconies, and outside at least 25 ft. from doors and windows Very High

How does your apartment rank? Click on the city your apartment is located in to find it. Can’t find your apartment? Likely your apartment did not take part in the Snohomish Health District’s survey – please contact the Snohomish Health District to add your complex.





Granite Falls

Lake Stevens



Mill Creek


Mountlake Terrace






It is up to the managers of the apartment complex to enforce the smoking policy. 

For Apartment Complex Owners and Managers

More and more Washingtonians are interested in living in smoke-free apartments with 95% of non-smokers preferring smoke-free housing and 54% of smokers preferring smoke-free housing. A Smoke-free policy saves money for complex owners and managers by reducing cleaning and maintenance costs between tenants and even reducing insurance costs!

Additionally, while marijuana is legal in the state of Washington, it is up to the apartment complex whether they choose to allow it on their property. Even if an individual has permission for medical marijuana, a complex does not need to make an exception to the non-smoking policy to allow the smoking of marijuana products as medical marijuana can be taken in a variety of manners (such as orally, with lotion, sprays, juice, etc.).

If your complex is ready to develop a smoking policy please contact:

Jennifer Reid


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Did you know?

In Snohomish County, 15.3% of adults smoke cigarettes, and 9.6% of adults report exposure to second-hand smoke in their home.