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Event participation request

  1. When should Health District staff arrive to set up?
  2. How long would you want Health District staff there?
  3. Please specify the address
  4. Name, email and phone number of the person we should contact about this event. This should be someone who can be reached day-of, as well.
  5. Include target age group and other relevant info (e.g. Parents of infants and young children in North Snohomish County)
  6. Do you already have a contact at the Health District for this event?
  7. Is this an outdoor or indoor event?
  8. Is a booth or table provided?
  9. Is a canopy provided?
  10. Is this a new event?
  11. Has the Health District previously participated in this event?
  12. Is there an exhibitor fee or sponsorship request?
  13. Please provide any additional information, including specific materials or supplies that may be needed.
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