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Food Permits

The Snohomish Health District wants to help you get your business up and running with all of the proper permits to ensure your food establishment meets state regulations for food safety. Additional information on permitting for food establishments is contained on the Temporary Food Booths page and on the Starting a Food Business page.

Snohomish County food permits and renewals 

In order to operate a food service establishment, you must apply for an annual permit. Permits are valid from January 1 through December 31. New permits issued on or after the following dates will be discounted as follows:

  • April 1: 75% of the annual permit fee
  • July 1: 50% of the annual permit fee
  • October 1: 25% of the annual permit fee

A permit is required for the following establishments: restaurants, food concession stands, bakery, food caterer, grocery, limited groceries, private clubs, retail meat/fish dealers, taverns, temporary food booths and vending machines (with potentially hazardous food). The food service establishment permit is also used for changes in ownership.

Applications for food permits



Annual food service establishment permit fees

Number of Seats Low Risk Medium Risk High Risk
0–12 $326    $489 $651 
13–50 $357 $531 $704 
51–150 $389 $573 $788 
151-250 $420 $615 $840  
>250 $452 $657 $893


General food service fees

 Activity Type  Fee
Late fee - annual permit renewal  $300
Change of ownership $132
Food service with onsite sewage disposal review $168
Catering endorsement $25 plus food fee
Mobile food vehicle  $130/vehicle plus general food fee
Vending machines $121
Reinspection and Reinstatement  
Reinspection and office conference $273
Reinspection after 1st preoccupancy inspection $168
Reinstatement following closure $315
Reinstatement following closure for immediate health hazard $541
Food service – year-round General food fees
Food service – seasonal $336
Central kitchen, no direct food service $525
Satellite kitchen with food service $336
School kitchen with food service $400
Temporary food services  
Late fee – food service and mobile food vehicle $48
Temporary Event Permit
Low risk – 1–21 days $79
Low risk – annual, up to 3 days/week* $200
Low risk – annual,  *additional locations $100
High risk – 1 day $111
High risk – 2–3 consecutive days $163
High risk – 4–8 consecutive days $221
High risk – 9–21 consecutive days $378
High risk – annual, up to 3 days/week* $475
High risk – annual, *additional locations $168 
Food Demonstrator  
Low risk only, 1–21 consecutive days $79
Annual $184
Judged Cook-off  
1–20 entrants, not open to public $263
1–20 entrants, open to public $578
21+ entrants, not open to public $263
21+ entrants, open to public $840
Mobile food vehicle $37
Exempt or Product Information only $40

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Did you know?

The late charge for annual food service establishment permits is $300.