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Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Contracts, SHD Contracts and Interlocal Agreements    
de Jong, Sarah Executive Assistant 425-339-8652  
Frederick, Shawn Administrative Officer    
Kamp, Jim Business Management Analyst 425-339-8689  
Lewis, Dr. James Health Officer 425-339-5200  
Neal, Jim Building and Fleet Maintenance 425-339-5203  

Customer Service 


Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Albedyll, Tina Program Assistant    
Bretland, Leah Program Assistant    
de Jong, Sarah Administrative Assistant 425-339-8652  
Dudley, Crystal Administrative Supervisor 425-339-3545  
Grimsley, Kelly Program Specialist 425-339-5241  
Kinder-Cara, Karen Program Assistant 425-339-3544  
Mauch, Sharon Program Assistant 425-339-3543  
Pederson, Lisa Program Assistant 425-339-8679  
Sheets, Barb Program Assistant 425-258-8418  
Smids-Osborne, Rhonda Program Assistant    
Werst, Judy Program Assistant    


Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Kellogg, Tracey Finance Manager 425-339-8696  
Centanni, Sara Accounting Supervisor 425-339-3535  
Son, Rich Accountant 425-339-8695  
Spence, Pamela Purchasing Coordinator 425-339-5214  
Valera, Lalaine Payroll Analyst 425-339-5246