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Child Care Providers

The health and well being of children is important for growth and development, which is why the Snohomish Health District works to ensure health and safety at Snohomish County child cares and preschools. Our services are targeted at child care businesses and providers. For more information about our program activities, please see our Child Care Health Outreach Program annual report or check out our program brochure here. We offer FREE consultations on a variety of health, safety, and nutrition topics.

For help finding a child care or day care in your area, Child Care Aware of Washington provides information and referrals. They are available by calling 1.800.446.1114 and online at

To make sure a child care or day care provider is licensed, and review other licensing information including any founded complaints, visit the Department of Early Learning. Here's an overview of the different types of child care options. Some are regulated by the state - requiring licensing - and some are not.

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Contact us

Child Care Health Outreach

General Questions: 425.252.5415

Communicable Disease Reporting: 425.339.5278

For general questions or information:

To submit class materials or register for a class:


Bonnie Decker

Public Health Nurse

Phone: 425.339.5228


Micha Horn
Environmental Health Specialist

Phone: 425.339.8712


Alexandria Deas
Behavioral Health Specialist

Phone: 425.339.3535 


Katy Levenhagen
Nutrition Consultant

Phone: 425.252.5407


Did you know?

The Snohomish Health District's Child Care Health Outreach Program has disease fact sheets on 26 different illnesses commonly found in child group care settings.