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Snohomish Health District is the local public health agency for Snohomish County in Washington state. Our news releases are a resource for current public health information for media, the public, policymakers, and other community partners.

News releases are sent to print and electronic media as needed. We also share relevant media releases from the Department of Health and other public health agencies.


Media Releases

Lower arsenic limits for new wells in Snohomish County

Board of Health aligns local requirements with federal standards

SNOHOMISH COUNTY --- By unanimous vote at their July 8 meeting, Snohomish County’s local Board of Health lowered the acceptable limit of arsenic in private drinking water wells. The old maximum level was 50 parts per billion, and the new level is 10 parts per billion. New research indicates that long-term consumption of water with more than 10 parts per billion can increase the risk of certain cancers. Read More >>
Monday, July 15, 2002/Author: Anonym/Number of views (745)/Comments (0)/
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Scratch out “Swimmer’s Itch”

Water parasites harmless, just annoying says Health District

SNOHOMISH COUNTY---Going for a swim? You might come out scratching from tiny creatures that cause “Swimmer’s Itch,” say officials at Snohomish Health District. An annoying but harmless rash occurs when freshwater or saltwater parasite larvae burrow into a swimmer’s skin and die there. “Swimmer’s Itch” is not dangerous and cannot be transmitted from person to person. Read More >>
Thursday, June 27, 2002/Author: Anonym/Number of views (1468)/Comments (0)/
Categories: Media Releases2002

National HIV Testing Day, June 27

Snohomish Health District offers counseling & testing

SNOHOMISH COUNTY –-Up to 300,000 people across the United States are infected with HIV but are unaware of their status, according to the National Association of People Living with AIDS, the sponsor for National HIV Testing Day, June 27. Read More >>
Friday, June 21, 2002/Author: Anonym/Number of views (710)/Comments (0)/
Categories: Media Releases2002

Steep increase in local cases of gonorrhea, says Health District

Incidence greater this year in teenage girls and men over 25

SNOHOMISH COUNTY --- A sharp increase in the number of gonorrhea cases in Snohomish County has health care providers on alert. Snohomish Health District officials report 96 gonorrhea cases so far this year, compared to 36 cases reported during the first five months of 2000. Read More >>
Tuesday, June 4, 2002/Author: Anonym/Number of views (710)/Comments (0)/
Categories: Media Releases2002

Most drownings preventable, says Child Death Review team

Supervision, signs & swim lessons can keep kids safe around water

SNOHOMISH COUNTY --- Each year at least one child drowns in Snohomish County, say health officials. Making this sad statistic even more tragic, Child Death Review (CDR) teams in counties across Washington state say 70 percent of child deaths by drowning are preventable. From 1999 through 2000, drowning was the third leading cause of unexpected death among children 0 – 17 years in our state, following vehicle accidents and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Read More >>
Thursday, May 30, 2002/Author: Anonym/Number of views (753)/Comments (0)/
Categories: Media Releases2002