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Bye-bye, blackbird: Report dead birds to Snohomish Health District

Your information will track West Nile virus in Snohomish County

SNOHOMISH COUNTY--- You can help track West Nile virus (WNV) activity in Snohomish County. Snohomish Health District recently reactivated its WNV information line for you to report the location of dead birds you find in the county. Dead crows in particular are early indicators of virus activity because this family of bird is most susceptible to infection. Call 425.339.5250 during business hours to report a freshly dead bird that has no obvious trauma. After 5 p.m. or on weekends, call 425.339.8720. Read More >>
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May 5 “Public Health Matters” spotlights connecting with teens

Monthly noontime lecture at Snohomish Health District

SNOHOMISH COUNTY--- Family physician Jody McVittie, MD, is the featured speaker May 5 at Snohomish Health District’s “Public Health Matters” monthly noontime lecture. Dr. McVittie will present “Protecting our youth from harm: Our relationships make a difference.” The free, one-hour lecture begins at noon at the Snohomish Health District auditorium, 3020 Rucker Ave., Everett. People are welcome to bring lunch to eat during the presentation. Read More >>
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“Strike Out Tobacco Week” with the AquaSox, July 20-27

Exercise your lungs cheering for the home team & a healthier life!

SNOHOMISH COUNTY --- The Everett AquaSox baseball franchise celebrates its twentieth season of healthy fun with "Strike Out Tobacco Week," July 20-27. This is the tenth year the AquaSox have teamed up with Snohomish Health District and Tobacco Free Snohomish County to promote healthier living --- and it’s the first year Everett Memorial Stadium is 100 percent tobacco-free. Read More >>
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Protect your baby: Early vaccination works best, says Snohomish Health District

National Infant Immunization Week, April 13-19, 2003

SNOHOMISH COUNTY – Children need more than 80 percent of their vaccinations in the first 24 months of life to protect them against preventable illness, according to the National Immunization Program of the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Local health officials urge parents and caregivers to check their children’s immunization records during National Infant Immunization Week, April 13-19, 2003. This year’s theme is “Love them. Protect them. Immunize them.” Read More >>
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Public Health works year ’round – but this week’s special!

Snohomish Health District celebrates National Public Health Week, Apr. 7-13

SNOHOMISH COUNTY--- If you live in Snohomish County, you have 220 public health professionals quietly working for you around the clock. To celebrate National Public Health Week, Snohomish Health District staff created displays to illustrate how local public health is always working for a safer and healthier community. The displays can be seen this week on the main floor of the Rucker Building at 3020 Rucker Avenue, Everett. Read More >>
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