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A helping handwash from Snohomish Health District

Portable sinks help you stay healthy at festivals & fairs

SNOHOMISH COUNTY---Huge blue-and-white umbrellas mark 14 handwashing stations at this year’s Evergreen State Fair, thanks to the folks at Snohomish Health District who want you to stay healthy. You will find the double-basin stations where they make the most sense: near the animal petting farm, next to dining areas, and by animal exhibits and food concessions. Read More >>
Tuesday, August 20, 2002/Author: Anonym/Number of views (1015)/Comments (0)/
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Small “ouch,” big benefit: Shot clinics Aug. 19-Sept. 6

No shortage of required childhood vaccines, says Health District

SNOHOMISH COUNTY --- Whether your children are headed to college or grades K-12, immunize them before they go, say local health officials. Snohomish Health District will offer back-to-school immunizations at its clinics in Everett and Lynnwood on a walk-in basis throughout the day from Monday, Aug. 19 through Tuesday, Sept. 3; and afternoons Wednesday, Sept. 4 through Friday, Sept. 6. Read More >>
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Pitching better health at AquaSox game, July 28

Clean fun, clean lungs at 9th Annual Tobacco-free Night

SNOHOMISH COUNTY --- Board of Health Chairman Kirke Sievers will hand the game ball to Granite Falls resident Gary Cushman of Granite Falls for throwing the first pitch at the 9th Annual Everett AquaSox Tobacco-free Night, July 28. Cushman, a smoker for 45 years, attended a smoking cessation class in February, 2001, and hasn’t had a cigarette since then. Snohomish Health District and Tobacco-free Snohomish County are sponsoring the evening of baseball, freebies and surprises at Everett Memorial Stadium, 3802 Broadway, Everett. Read More >>
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Lower arsenic limits for new wells in Snohomish County

Board of Health aligns local requirements with federal standards

SNOHOMISH COUNTY --- By unanimous vote at their July 8 meeting, Snohomish County’s local Board of Health lowered the acceptable limit of arsenic in private drinking water wells. The old maximum level was 50 parts per billion, and the new level is 10 parts per billion. New research indicates that long-term consumption of water with more than 10 parts per billion can increase the risk of certain cancers. Read More >>
Monday, July 15, 2002/Author: Anonym/Number of views (980)/Comments (0)/
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Scratch out “Swimmer’s Itch”

Water parasites harmless, just annoying says Health District

SNOHOMISH COUNTY---Going for a swim? You might come out scratching from tiny creatures that cause “Swimmer’s Itch,” say officials at Snohomish Health District. An annoying but harmless rash occurs when freshwater or saltwater parasite larvae burrow into a swimmer’s skin and die there. “Swimmer’s Itch” is not dangerous and cannot be transmitted from person to person. Read More >>
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