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Splash: Flood recovery health & safety tips

Pre-flood prep and post-flood clean-up pointers from the Snohomish Health District

SNOHOMISH COUNTY, Wash. – Has high water soaked your home? Local public health wants to help you tackle the flood clean-up with your own safety and well-being in mind. Snohomish Health District’s "Emergency Flood Sanitation" tip sheet includes the "how-to’s" necessary to keep food and drinking water safe, disinfect wells, dispose of sewage and garbage, and clean up your home and belongings after floodwaters recede. The four-page handout is available for download at (search for "flood"), and at the Snohomish Health District Environmental Health office at 3020 Rucker Ave., Suite 104, Everett, Wash.

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“Flu proof” yourself, says county’s public health officer

Plenty of vaccine at Health District clinics in Everett & Lynnwood

SNOHOMISH COUNTY --- More plentiful and more important than ever, flu vaccine has arrived to help you stay healthier through the influenza season. In Snohomish County, the first influenza cases usually appear in December, peak in early February, and tail off in March. Snohomish Health District’s two immunization clinics will expand their walk-in hours beginning Oct. 20 to accommodate increased demand for flu shots. Read More >>
Friday, October 10, 2003/Author: Anonym/Number of views (2793)/Comments (0)/
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Fresh thinking: Adult smokers pledge to healthier indoor air for kids

15,000 pledge kits going home to curb tobacco smoke exposure

SNOHOMISH COUNTY--- Child care facilities, health care providers, and schools in three cities of Snohomish County have volunteered to distribute or stock 15,000 “pledge packets” promoting a healthier breathing environment for children in Arlington, Darrington and Marysville. Funded by a state grant to Snohomish Health District, the packets contain educational materials about secondhand tobacco smoke. Distribution begins Oct. 13. Read More >>
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West Nile watch: Snohomish Health District checking for virus

SNOHOMISH COUNTY --- Local health officials are keeping a sharp eye on the possibility of West Nile virus (WNV) in Snohomish County through a surveillance program at Snohomish Health District. So far this year, all of the 94 dead birds submitted for laboratory testing have tested negative for West Nile virus. Traps to catch adult mosquitoes for species identification have indicated the presence of several mosquito types that could carry WNV. Read More >>
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Are you up-to-date? Vaccinate!

Snohomish Health District shot clinics Aug. 18-Sept. 5

SNOHOMISH COUNTY --- Getting ready to travel overseas? Got kids pointed back to school? Snohomish Health District can take care of your immunization needs year ’round, but it’s celebrating National Immunization Awareness Month by offering extra walk-in clinic hours. Read More >>
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