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Board of Health Meeting, March 15

Policy Options for Pharmaceutical Stewardships; Transition Plans for WIC and First Steps to be Focus

SNOHOMISH COUNTY, Wash. During its regular board meeting, the Board of Health will hear a briefing from the Pharmaceutical Stewardship Ad Hoc Committee, followed by an expanded work session to discuss how WIC and First Steps services will be provided in Snohomish County in 2017 and beyond. The meeting will be from 3:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, March 15, 2016. The meeting will be held in the District’s Auditorium located at 3020 Rucker Ave, Everett, Wash.


The County’s existing medicine take-back program provides a secure and environmentally sound way to dispose of leftover or expired medicines and is a part of a comprehensive approach to preventing drug abuse. Pharmaceutical stewardship policies require the pharmaceutical companies that manufacture medicines to provide convenient collection options for consumers to properly dispose of unused over-the-counter and prescription medicines.


The Board of Health is currently examining how the Secure Medicine Return Regulations enacted by the King County Board of Health, and similar laws passed in six California counties, would address community needs here in Snohomish County. A public comment process will be announced soon.


RESOURCES:   Draft Pharmaceutical Stewardship Policy Outline (PDF)

                           Data and Sources on Medicine Sales, Abuse, Preventable Poisonings & Pollution (PDF)


The declining financial resources dedicated to public health in our community have been at the forefront of many discussions with the Board over the last 18-24 months. Closely tied to this is a strategic focus on the local, state and national efforts designed to channel staff, funding, and resources into those programs that must be performed by public health.


Both the Women, Infants and Children (WIC) and First Steps programs address critical gaps in prenatal and early childhood service, especially for some of our most vulnerable populations. While such programming will always be an essential need in the community, WIC and First Steps are no longer services where the Health District is uniquely qualified, nor are they aligned with the future vision of public health in Snohomish County.


The transition plan being discussed at the work session is part of Strategic Initiative #3: Optimize the Delivery of Early Childhood Development Programs. The transition plan addresses WIC, First Steps, and Healthy Startsour new model for improving the health of infants, children and families throughout our community. This approach is consistent with aligning our resources where public health is uniquely qualified, and identifying ways that the Health District can affect the greatest good for the greatest number of people in Snohomish County.


RESOURCES:   The Future of Public Health in Snohomish County (PDF)

                           Snohomish Health District2014 Strategic Plan Update (PDF)


While the work session is open to the public, no public comment will be taken during that portion of the meeting. Guidance provided will be incorporated into a final transition plan to be presented for Board endorsement in April.


Board of Health Agenda


Call to Order


Special Business

a.  Oath of office: Swearing in/written oath


Roll Call


Approval of Minutes from Regular Meeting on February 9, 2016


Consent Agenda
a.  Approval of vouchers and Resolution 16-006 authorizing February 2016
     expenditures for Health District and PHEPR fund



Public Comment


Chair’s Report




Health Officer Report


SR16-018 G. Goldbaum



Action Items


a.  Approve County contract for First Steps funding
     (SR 16-014; C. Shambach, M. Marano-Bianco)




a.  Update on Pharmaceutical Stewardship Policy Options (SR 16-017; J. Ketchel)
b.  Update regarding SHD Employee Handbook (SR 16-016; T. Smith, no presentation)



Committee Reports and Standing Reports


a.  Finance Report (SR16-015 J. Chapman, no presentation)



Information Items


a.  Review of upcoming meetings.
     (All meetings held at Snohomish Health District unless otherwise noted)

(1) Board of Health
April 12, 3:00 5:00 p.m.

(2) Public Health Advisory Council March 23, 7:45 9:15 a.m.

(3) Pharmaceutical Stewardship Ad Hoc Committee March 31, 9 10:30 a.m.



Work Session


a.  Transition Plan for WIC and First Steps
     (SR 16-019; M. Norton-Arnold; H. Keller; C. Shambach; P. Mayer)





The public is invited to attend. Parking and meeting rooms are accessible for persons with disabilities. Questions or additional information about the board meeting may be obtained by contacting Linda Carl, 425.339.5210; Relay: 711; Email To request reasonable accommodations, please contact Ms. Carl by Monday, March 14, 2016.


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