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Snohomish Health District is the local public health agency for Snohomish County in Washington state. Our news releases are a resource for current public health information for media, the public, policymakers, and other community partners.

News releases are sent to print and electronic media as needed. We also share relevant media releases from the Department of Health and other public health agencies.


Media Releases
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Today’s topic: Pertussis

Action requested: Assure that everyone is properly vaccinated against pertussis.

Background & Recommendations

California has declared another pertussis epidemic, with more cases in 2014 through November than occurred in all of 2010 (the most recent epidemic).  For details, see  This bodes ill for Washington, which could see increased cases over the next year.  I believe this demands a vigorous outreach effort, to persuade everyone to get vaccinated.  Emerging evidence suggests immunity declines significantly over three years with the current Tdap, possibly faster among pregnant women.  This makes it even more important to vaccinate everyone in order to get some benefit of “herd immunity”.

At this time, repeat doses of Tdap are recommended only for pregnant women (at each pregnancy).  Clinicians should check the Washington Immunization Information System (WA IIS, formerly ChildProfile) to verify when patients received vaccines.  This registry contains records for most Washington residents.  For information about WAIIS and how to access it, see

For guidance about vaccinating for pertussis, see