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Snohomish Health District is the local public health agency for Snohomish County in Washington state. Our news releases are a resource for current public health information for media, the public, policymakers, and other community partners.

News releases are sent to print and electronic media as needed. We also share relevant media releases from the Department of Health and other public health agencies.


Media Releases
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Protect your baby: Early vaccination works best, says Snohomish Health District

National Infant Immunization Week, April 13-19, 2003

SNOHOMISH COUNTY – Children need more than 80 percent of their vaccinations in the first 24 months of life to protect them against preventable illness, according to the National Immunization Program of the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Local health officials urge parents and caregivers to check their children’s immunization records during National Infant Immunization Week, April 13-19, 2003. This year’s theme is “Love them. Protect them. Immunize them.”

“Immunizations are safe and protect our families and community making them one of our most cost effective public health strategies,” said Stacy Kiyasu, RN, Clinic Manager for Snohomish Health District. “We urge all parents to keep their children healthy by seeing to their timely immunization,” she said. The Health District offers childhood immunizations at its two clinics in Everett and Lynnwood.

CDC reports that more than 900,000 of our nation’s children are not fully immunized, and that each day 11,000 children are born and each is in need of protection from vaccine preventable diseases before the age of two.

In Snohomish County, the most recent immunization survey (1998) showed that 22 percent of 2 year-olds in Snohomish County are not fully protected against serious diseases including measles, mumps, diphtheria, polio, chickenpox and hepatitis B. Vaccines are needed against all of these illnesses by a child’s second birthday, and booster shots later in life are necessary for some of them.

"Infants and young children are particularly vulnerable to infectious diseases,” said Kiyasu. “That is why it is critical that they are protected through immunization," she said.

For more information about childhood immunizations: Call your health care provider; the Snohomish Health District clinics; “Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies” line, 1.800.322.2588; or check CDC’s Web site at CDC also posts the recommended schedule for childhood immunizations:

Established in 1959, the Snohomish Health District works for a safer and healthier community through disease prevention, health promotion, and protection from environmental threats. Please visit our Web site for more Health District information:


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