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Snohomish Health District Sanitary Codes

These codes serve as Snohomish County's sanitary code and spell out the local regulations affecting business, property, schools, garbage, septic, and water. In most cases, state and federal rules also apply.

Snohomish Health District Sanitary Codes

All links are to PDF documents.

Chapter 1  Applicability & Definitions 

Chapter 2  General Sanitation

Chapter 3  Solid Waste Handling

Chapter 4  Recreation Camping Facilities

Chapter 5  Residential Group Camps

Chapter 6  Schools

Chapter 7  Water Recreation Facilities

Chapter 8  Onsite Sewage Disposal

Chapter 9   Water Supply

Chapter 10  Food Sanitation

Chapter 11  Hazardous Chemicals

Chapter 12  Mobile Home Parks

Chapter 13  Smoking in Public Places

Chapter 14  Vapor Products (goes into effect December 10, 2015)

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