Local Case Counts

We update confirmed and probable case numbers for the county and by city weekly. Depending on when you check the tables, numbers may vary from those reported by the state Department of Health. Because new reports of positive tests come in and disease investigations are done throughout the week, the numbers vary based on when the data is run. Please check the "Data as of" or "Last Updated" note to confirm the most current number. 

Case Count (cumulative since Jan. 2020) Last Updated: 4:15 p.m. 9/27/21 Change from 9/20/21
Confirmed  52,992 +1,519
Probable 6,019 +179
Deaths 709 +11*

Note: “Probable” cases include close contacts of a confirmed case who become symptomatic, positive antigen test, or positive serology/antibody test AND a credible history of COVID-like illness. For full definition of a "Probable" case, please see the Department of Health guidance

** Based on what is reported to the Health District daily, and a weekly reconciliation with state Department of Health data. 

To better align with the Washington State Department of Health’s data dashboard, the Snohomish Health District has incorporated positive antigen results into case reporting.

Effective April 19, the weekly case count update now includes a bar chart with total positive cases for the week broken into molecular and antigen cases. The rolling 2-week case rate has also been updated to incorporate antigen cases going back in time. This recalibration has resulted in a slight increase in rolling 2-week case rates.

Antigen test results are still positive cases, but conducted through rapid tests rather than molecular testing doing at laboratories. This addition of antigen-positive cases is not what’s driving the observed increase in the rolling 2-week COVID rate. The overall increase in case rates is due to increased transmission. Only 18% of confirmed cases over the past month are antigen-positive cases. 

Hospital Data

  Last updated 9/27/21 Change from 9/24/21 
COVID Positive
78 -16
COVID Ventilated 15 -2
Deaths 1 +1

Hospitalization data is updated daily on weekdays. Numbers represent COVID-positive patients currently hospitalized in Snohomish County.

COVID-19 Cases Reported in Snohomish County by Date (Updated Weekly)

case count by date

Snohomish County COVID-19 Case Rate per 100,000 for 2-week Rolling Period (updated Mondays)

case counts_dec 28

Snohomish County COVID-19 Related Deaths by Week (updated weekly)

Snohomish County COVID-19 Related Deaths by Week

Snohomish County Longterm Care Facility Associated COVID-19 Cases by Onset Date (updated weekly)

Snohomish County Longterm Care Facility Associated COVID-19 Cases by Onset Date


hospital admissions


covid testing by week 4-5

COVID rate and heat maps (click an image to view larger)

These maps are updated every two weeks. To see previous versions, see last section on our Reports page.

Case count heat map (August 29, 2021-September 11, 2021)

Heat Map 09.11

Cases heat map (January 2020 - September 11, 2021) 

Heat Map to Date 09.11

Case Rates per 100,000 by ZIP (August 29, 2021-September 11, 2021) 

ZIP Code Case Rates 09.11

COVID-19 Vaccinations by ZIP (As of September 11)

ZIP Code Init Vacc 09.11

Case Count by City, cumulative since Jan. 2020 (last updated 9/27/21)

City               Total     Survived**     
Arlington 3,840 3,031
Bothell* 4,070 3,575
Brier 317 273
Darrington 128 96
Edmonds 3,076 2,760
Everett 13,694 12,274
Gold Bar 338 256
Granite Falls 826 635
Index 9 <5
Lake Stevens 3,968 3,372
Lynnwood 7,452 6,649
Marysville 6,628 5,598
Mill Creek 1,086 957
Monroe 2,833 2,562
Mountlake Terrace 1,426 1,266
Mukilteo 1,054 926
Snohomish 4,352 3,712
Stanwood 2,020 1,684
Sultan 586 465
Tulalip 1,019 854
Woodinville* 175 153
Woodway 76 67
Unknown/Other 38 18

City counts include both confirmed and probable cases. Numbers less than 5 are suppressed to protect medical privacy. Not all cases are within city limits and totals may include nearby unincorporated Snohomish County. Unknown includes cases still under investigation.

*Counts are for portions in Snohomish County only

**No longer in isolation, not hospitalized at this time, not deceased