Restaurant Inspections

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In Snohomish County, a health district inspector looks at every aspect of establishments, literally from the ceiling to the floor. Inspectors look for compliance in two categories: critical and non-critical violations.

Critical items have the greatest potential to cause illness or harm to the public, including:

  • Current food worker training for all workers
  • Proper hand-washing facilities
  • Raw meats stored below or away from ready to eat foods
  • Proper food cooling and hot holding procedures
  • Use of gloves to prevent bare hand contact with food

Restaurant inspection reports are available online.

Risk Factors

Biggest risk factors observed during an inspection:

  • Bare hand contact
  • Cold holding
  • Cooking
  • Cooling
  • Cross-contamination
  • Fruit and vegetable washing
  • Hand-washing
  • Hot holding
  • Ill food workers
  • Reheating

Snohomish Health District believes in educating the community and thus works with operators to create a safer food establishment for the public.