Priorities & Plans

The Snohomish Health District is focusing on improving the health of the community through the help of strategic planning tools like the Community Health Assessment (CHA) and a Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP).

Snohomish County Community Health Assessment

In 2012, Health District staff conducted a Community Health Assessment (CHA) where a set of 80 community health measurements called indicators were chosen and analyzed by the Public Health Advisory Council (PHAC), which is composed of community members and appointed by the Board of Health. Each health indicator was given a score based on:

  • How Snohomish County compared to Washington State and the U.S.
  • How the data have changed over time (trends)
  • How well the county meets established national goals such as Healthy People 2020

The results of this process were compiled into a Community Health Report Card (PDF).

Priority areas for improvement

The Public Health Advisory Council (PHAC) established health priorities for Snohomish County from the list of indicators. Priorities were based on the number of county residents impacted by the issue, the seriousness of the issue’s health effects, the existence of proven community-based interventions, the presence of county organizations already addressing the issue, and community values.

Community Health Improvement Plan

A plan to reduce suicide, obesity, and youth physical abuse in Snohomish County is now underway and needs community involvement. The problems and strategies to address them are summarized in the Community Health Improvement Plan (PDF) released in May 2014.

Community partners include area agencies with expertise in these areas such as county agencies and schools, law enforcement, clinical facilities, hospitals, social service agencies, and faith communities.

Individual and group involvement is needed to develop social marketing campaigns, advocate for expansion of parenting classes, implement new curriculum aimed at increasing parent and youth safety plans, and provide resources to move strategies into action. The goal is to make differences that can be measured and have a lasting effect.

Interest In Volunteering

If you or your group have interest in joining an action team working on one of the priorities, please contact us.