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Environmental Health
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Office Hours: Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm (closed from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm)
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The Environmental Health Division works for you! We serve all residents of Snohomish County and our visitors by helping everyone avoid disease and injury from the things we come into contact with every day including: food, drinking water, waste water & septic systems, solid & hazardous waste, school and water recreation facilities. How can we help you?
Drinking Water The goal of the Water Program is the prevention of communicable disease and illness associated with drinking water from small public water systems and individual wells.
Food Safety The Snohomish Health District helps ensure the safety of the food you eat by training food workers, permitting and inspecting restaurants and other food establishments, and by following up on complaints of illness and other issues.
Hazardous Waste The Solid Waste and Toxics (SWT) Program investigates complaints and provides education to homeowners, schools and small businesses on storage, handling and disposal of hazardous waste.
Pest Control The Program provides individual consultation about the control of rodents and other public health pests, and distributes rodent control information in neighborhoods associated with improper solid waste handling, storage and disposal practices.
Restaurants Performing routine inspections of food establishments helps to assure the public will receive safe food and beverages. View inspection reports, a list of licensed caterers and current restaurant closures, if any.
Sanitary Codes Sanitary Codes is a set of rules that preserve, promote and improve the public health in Snohomish County. This Sanitary Code shall be enforced by the Health Officer or authorized representative throughout the Snohomish Health District in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 70.05.070 RCW
School Safety The School Health and Safety Program reviews plans, reviews construction and makes periodic inspections of K-12 schools (public and private). This program verifies compliance with minimum health and safety standards for educational facilities.
Solid Waste The Solid Waste and Toxics (SWT) Program issues permits and conducts inspections of solid waste handling facilities. The Solid Waste and Toxics also investigates solid waste complaints and enforces regulations governing illegal handling of solid waste.
Wastewater The goal of the Wastewater Program is to promote public health and protect surface water and groundwater. This is done by overseeing the design, installation, maintenance and repairs of on-site sewage disposal systems.
Water Recreation Snohomish Health District inspects public water recreational facilities in Snohomish County. These facilities include swimming pools, wading pools, spray pools, and spas at parks, hotels, athletic clubs, apartment complexes and schools.
Youth & Group Camp Safety The Camp Program works to ensure a safe recreational environment for group and youth camps. Routine inspections are conducted twice during the camps operating season, once at the start of the season and again towards the end of the season.