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Sanitary Codes
This Sanitary Code shall be enforced by the Health Officer or authorized representative throughout the Snohomish Health District in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 70.05.070 RCW. When enforcement of this code necessitates the issuance of a Health Officer's Order, all costs incurred for enforcement of that Health Officer's Order shall be assessed against the person or entity who remains in non-compliance with the Health Officer's Order. Costs shall include the cost of additional inspection to determine compliance or non-compliance with the Health Officer's Order, consultant fees incurred relative to that Health Officer's Order, and attorney fees and costs associated with the enforcement of that Health Officer's Order.
Sanitary Codes
List of Content:
Chapter 01 (40.1.5)
Applicability & Definitions
Chapter 02 (40.1.5)
General Sanitation
Chapter 03 (40.1.5)
Solid Waste Handling
Chapter 04 (40.1.5)
Recreation Camping Facilities
Chapter 05 (40.1.5)
Residential Group Camps
Chapter 06 (40.1.5)
Chapter 07 (40.1.5)
Water Recreation Facilities
Chapter 08 (40.1.5)
Onsite Sewage Disposal
Chapter 09 (40.1.5)
Water Supply
Chapter 10 (40.1.5)
Food Sanitation
Chapter 11 (40.1.5)
Hazardous Chemicals
Chapter 12 (40.1.5)
Mobile Home Parks

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