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Water Recreation
Water Recreation Program conducts routine inspections of public water recreational facilities in Snohomish County. These facilities include swimming pools, wading pools, spray pools, and spas at parks, hotels, athletic clubs, apartment complexes and schools. The Water Recreation Program also reviews plans and inspects construction of new and remodeled public swimming pools/spas. Additionally, the Water Recreation Program investigates injuries and complaints of illness or unsanitary conditions at all public facilities.
Pool and Spa Inspections
There are many critical processes in keeping a water recreational facility safe for the public to enjoy. A few of these include maintaining proper chemical balance for disinfection, appropriate gates and fences surrounding the water facility, and appropriate safety and emergency equipment.
Constructing, Remodeling or Altering a Pool and Spa
Our Water Recreation Program reviews plans for new, altered or remodeled spas, pools and other public water contact features.
Our staff conducts preopening inspections at construction sites during the construction of public swimming pools/spas. The plan review and inspection process help assure that the new, altered or remodeled pools and spas meet proper safety requirements. For general questions regarding the plan review process please contact our office.
List of Forms and Documents:
Application for Water Recreational Facility (WRF) Permit (8.1.1)
SHD Application for Water Recreational Facility (WRF) Permit
Construction Permit Application and Checklist (8.1.1)
This application needs to be completed for any new, altered or remodeled water recreation facility.
Construction Report (8.1.1)
This must be completed when a facility is finished
Injury Report Form (8.1.1)
Pool operator must fill out this form anytime there is an injury or death at a facility
Limited Use Pool Rule Sign (8.1.1)
Sign Rules - New rules require changes to all existing pool
Limited Use Spa Rule Sign (8.1.1)
Sign Rules - New rules require changes to all existing spa
Permit Process Checklist (8.1.1)
Steps to obtain a Water Recreation Facility permit
Pool and Spa Log Sheet (8.1.1)
SHD Pool and Spa Log Sheet
Variance Request (8.1.1)
This form is to be used to request a deviation from the Water Recreation Facility regulations
Complaints & Injury Reports
The Snohomish Health District conducts investigations of unsanitary and unsafe operating conditions at water recreation facilities resulting from public complaints. If there is a serious injury or drowning at a regulated pool or hot tub, the owner or operator must report it within 48 hours. A serious injury means someone called 911 or needed immediate medical treatment at a clinic or emergency room.
To report an unsanitary or unsafe condition at a pool or spa simply complete the Water Recreation Complaint Form and send it to:
Environmental Health Division,
Water Recreation Program
3020 Rucker Avenue, Suite 104
Everett, WA 98201-3900
or e-mail it to
List of current rules and regulations regarding the Water Recreation facilities.
The Snohomish Health District Board of Health has adopted the Washington State Department of Health Rule Chapter 246-260 Washington Administrative Code (WAC), as Snohomish Health District Sanitary Code Chapter 7. These regulations apply to new and existing facilities, including all public pools and spas in Snohomish County.
List of regulations:
List of Snohomish Health District Pool Newsletters
Issue: 2009 (8.1.4)
Includes Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act Compliance and Summary
Issue: 2008 (8.1.4)
Includes articles: Avoid the Rush to Update Barrier Drains and Steps to Stop Crypto
Contact Info
Phone: 425.339.5250
Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, closed: noon - 1:00 pm
List of Water Recreation Resources:
  1. CDC Health Swimming: When You Swim, Swim Healthy!  web
    Answers to your questions about Recreational Water Illnesses (RWIs)
  2. Fecal Accident Response Recommendations for Aquatics Staff  file
    SHD Fecal Accident Response Recommendations for Aquatics Staff
  3. Lifeguard Training: Aquatics Employment & Training  web
    Lifeguard Training: Aquatics Employment & Training (Seattle Parks and Recreation)
  4. National Swimming Pool Foundation  web
    National Swimming Pool Foundation (NSPF)
  5. Professional Pool Operators of America  web
    Professional Pool Operators of America (PPOA)
  6. Washington State Department of Health Water Recreation Program  web
    Water Recreation Safety

Last Reviewed and updated 7/20/2009