• Helps ensure the food, water, and environment are safe from health threats

  • Focuses on preventive programs for families and communities

  • Animal bites and concerns
Current Topics

Strategic Plan: Our new Strategic Plan Update outlines major changes to Snohomish Health District services over next three years.

We'll be reaching out to community partners and taking a close look at our internal systems.

Learn more about us and our plan.

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  • ACEs symposium

    Childhood trauma, known as “adverse childhood experiences” has an impact on brain development and lifelong health. Learn how to help at our Adverse Childhood Experiences

  • Enterovirus D68

    What is Enterovirus D68 and what are the symptoms?

  • Immunizations

    Kids of all ages need back to school shots. Adults also need an annual flu shot, and might benefit from other immunizations depending on health status, travel and other factors.

  • Eating right

    Five fruits and vegetables is the goal. Find out about the other healthy numbers in the 5210 Campaign.