• Learn the facts about Ebola
    Wash hands your hands, cover your cough and stay home when ill.

  • Focuses on preventive programs for families and communities

  • Read about Snohomish Health District
Current Topics

Strategic Plan: Our new Strategic Plan Update outlines major changes to Snohomish Health District services over next three years.

We'll be reaching out to community partners and taking a close look at our internal systems.

Learn more about us and our plan.

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  • Comment on local smoking code

    Snohomish Health District is proposing to adopt and amend the state Smoking in Public Places Law into local code. A formal public comment period is open Oct. 15-30.

  • 5210 Campaign

    Help kids and families recognize healthy choices. Help promote the 5210 campaign.

  • Reduce the risk of SIDS

    I know it's best to put my baby to sleep on his or her back, but what else can I do to reduce the risk of SIDS? The CDC supports recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics on how parents can create a safe sleep environment for their babies.